Discover Your WHO impacts leaders from around the world.

"Knowing who you are is the most important question in existence. Once you find out who you are, it's your ticket to freedom. John Stix, keep doing the good work you are doing."
Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP
Author, Founder of The Chopra Foundation
"John exudes a positive energy you can feel, you can see it, it just is. He reminds us we deserve to be happy, but you have to put in the work. He teaches how important it is to be part of the solution. His gift is his ability to care for people in its truest sense. He teaches us to not believe the fear we stockpile as adults, the kind that cripples us, ultimately crippling a company. He takes everything down to a primal level so we can begin to build the life we were meant to live, authentically."
Cheryl Hickey
Cheryl Hickey
Host of ET Canada
"In a world confused with noise and sameness, John Stix stands out as a beacon of light. His deeply rooted desire to help others coupled with his entrepreneurial success, life story and highly substantive method make him not only authentic, but also very effective."
Demetri Argyropoulos
Demetri Argyropoulos
Founder & CEO of Avant Global
"John, you helped me be clear-minded and see what I needed to see."
Gareb Shamus
Gareb Shamus
Artist, Founder of Wizard Entertainment,
Co-founder & CEO of ACE Comic Con
"John Stix is a rare breed: someone who combines the business credentials of being one of the most successful co-founders in the telecommunications world, the passion of someone leading a movement, and the skills of a natural born speaker who knows how to connect with an audience and motivate them toward change.  Usually someone possesses only one of those dimensions. John is able to pull from his leadership experience as a President, his entrepreneurial successes and trials as the head of a tech incubator, and as a practitioner of the tenets of positive psychology.  His unassuming passion is contagious."
Shawn Achor
Shawn Achor
Happiness Researcher, Founder of GoodThink Inc.
"Instead of gaining something new I was unlocking and opening pieces of myself that have been there all along. The parts that need and deserve to be expressed in the world."
Stephanie Major
Stephanie Major
Director of Community Success for
Archangel and Soul Artist
"Thank you for taking us through your amazing Discover Your WHO process for business, which allowed us to find an authentic purpose. Although the end result was nothing short of amazing, the best part of the offsite was finally seeing just how talented our entire team can be when we are working together harmoniously towards a common goal. Everyone’s contributions were insightful, unique, powerful, and full of life. I look forward to working in a place which cultivates more of that ambiance and atmosphere as we work hard to create a future we all desire. Thanks again."
Nelson Cury
Venture Associate, Avant Global
"All I have to say is that by the time you are finished the book, you are going to be ready to start the journey which you were born for. You will discover that there is an 'I' which you didn’t know existed but had enough faith to not resist it. John and this book were a catalyst for an interesting adventure for me to say the least, and I hope it becomes a catalyst for your adventure as well."
Mike Rogachevsky
"I loved “Discover Your WHO”. It radiates positive energy and authenticity and is packed with wisdom and guidance from a writer who has walked the path he’s talking about. The best transformational writing creates a shift as you read it – and "Discover Your WHO" achieves that. Insightful, clever, and entertaining, with a perfect balance of personal story and powerful teaching – highly recommended."
Photo: Michelle Lowbridge
Michelle Lowbridge
Author of Wealthology, The Agile CEO,
and Money Blocks
"Have you ever met someone that you feel instantly at ease with? Someone who you feel like you’ve known for a long time and seems to sense things about you that are entirely accurate? For me, that’s John Stix. John is one of those people that I was instantly comfortable around and felt almost compelled to open up to. John cares. I mean John really cares. John’s compassion, big heart and zero judgement made him a trusted confidante and advisor. He asked tough questions, challenged me, and called me out on things when needed."
Glenn Cowan
Glenn Cowan
Founder one9.ca, Venture Capital
Retired Special Operations Assaulter Officer – Canadian Special Operations Forces
"There is nothing more powerful than what’s taught in Discover Your WHO. It all starts with discovering your WHO; the more you can unleash the things that are captivating you, the more you can 10x your life."
Paul Kirchoff
Founder & CEO of EPX Worldwide
"That was the first official standing ovation we’ve ever had after a speech in the 12 years we’ve been doing conferences. We have amazing content, but John’s message really hit home and captivated our hearts and got all of us up on our feet, some tears came out but that’s the type of empowerment that IMA is very much aligned with."
Sinan Kanatsiz
Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman & Founder of IMA – Impact 15
"Many people talk about authenticity, purpose, identity and how these important ideas relate to building strong cultures at work. John Stix is unique among them all in that he actually has implemented and executed them in his highly successful organization as an entrepreneur. And perhaps more importantly, he lives the wealth of wisdom he teaches and speaks about, in ways that are compelling, palpable and transformative to anyone who knows and has the honour of working with him. If you are serious about building relationship-centered, high performance organizations that actually focus on the value of each human being to bring their unique existential footprint to the work, then stop wasting time with the want-to-be gurus out there who pontificate about things they have studied but not done, and give yourself the privilege of working with John."
Dr. Jay Ferraro
Dr. Jay Ferraro
Co-founder of Mastery Technologies Inc.
"Working with John Stix on understanding the identity of Archangel, changed the organization's life. It's been game-changing. Working with John on the DYW process for myself as a leader has been the most transformative process ever."
Giovanni Marsico
Founder of Archangel, Emmy Award Winning Producer
"In 2018, my career had evolved and I was aligned with some of Canada’s greatest companies. But something was missing and I didn’t even know it. I had lunch with John Stix at the beginning of the summer and we talked for hours about purpose and intention, potential and abundance. It inspired a massive shift in me and by the end of the summer I found myself embarking on a new project that connected me deeply to my purpose. Such is the power of John’s connection."
Mark Tweksbury
Mark Tewksbury, CC MSM
Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist
"As Canadian President of Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster and MacMillan Publishing, my team and I were responsible for publishing hundreds of business and self-help titles including the “Dummies” and “Idiots” guide series. No surprise, most of those books blend together and have faded from memory. John Stix’s book, “Discover Your WHO” stands out and is one of those extraordinary business titles that should be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to transform their business (and personal) life by orders of magnitude. In his unique fashion, John is authentic, humourous, and insightful about his journey and the “eureka” moments that resulted. He shares the “blueprint” for successful change while recognizing that no two readers are identical. If you found seminal works by Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma, Malcolm Gladwell or Simon Sinek provocative and worthwhile, you owe it to yourself to read “Discover Your WHO”."
Hart Hillman
Founder & CEO of Bigwin Group