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"From the time we learn to walk, we’re taught that life is about the outward journey. Hurry up. Get dressed. Go to school. Don’t dawdle on your way home. Do your homework. Finish your dinner. Now hurry up and go to sleep so you can do it all again tomorrow.

All of this hurrying around leads us to believe that life is a series of things to do and goals to achieve. And one day, we wake up and ask: "How did I get here? Whose life am I living? What is my purpose? Who am I?"

Seeking the answers to these questions and living out your authentic self is natural and instinctive. At the beginning of our lives, and often again near the end, we are truly ourselves because it's all that really matters. As children, we are singularly focused on the moment, knowing instinctively who we are and what we need. We live out our inner selves without self-judgement or fear of judgement from others. And as we near the end of life, we're often too weak and tired, or too wise and strong to be anyone but ourselves..."

“Discover Your WHO” offers a guided journey past your false self to visualize the dreams of your heart and unhook yourself from the habits and beliefs that hold you back. You will close the gaps between who you are, the life you’re living, and the life you were born to live.

All the answers you’re seeking are already inside you. This is your journey and you are the superhero thought-leader of your own life. Get ready to shed what no longer serves you and experience more joy, creativity, innovation, real connectivity with others, and real engagement in your work and personal life. Lead the authentic life of your dreams when you discover your WHO.

Excerpt from Discover Your WHO

Discover Your WHO guides you on a journey inward to:

Uncover your identity, redefine purpose, and release real potential.
Identify and let go of false masks and triggers.
Define your personal values which will shape your thoughts, actions, and habits.
Witness the power of surrender as it leads you to your greatest victory.
Put fear in the passenger seat and overcome self-doubt to unhook yourself from what holds you back.
Heal from past pain and find forgiveness for self and others.
Embrace the power of imagination to gain a view of your possible future.
Invest in practices of self-nourishment and care.
Become the superhero thought leader of your own life by aligning who you are with what you do, so that your life is an expression of YOU.

Working through Discover Your WHO has been a fascinating and heart-expanding experience.


There is nothing more powerful than what's taught in Discover Your WHO.


John, you helped me be clear-minded and see what I needed to see.


John's compassion, big heart and zero judgement, makes him a trusted confidante.