Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for using the Discover Your WHO platform, including privacy provisions.

These terms and conditions apply to discoveryourwho.com and any affiliate company apps (hereafter referred to as DYW). Throughout this document, when DYW is mentioned, this includes all mentions listed above. When Audience Specific Content is mentioned, this applies to all information that the user is given within their specified audience section after signing in. This does not include any information that can be seen by the general public. By Personal Information, this includes any information given to sign in by the user, such as: email, username and password, as well as analytics of what the user has viewed within DYW and any activity that occurs in the user’s account in compliance with PIPEDA. By signing into DYW, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions that follow. DYW reserves the right to update and change these terms of service without notice. Violation of any of the terms, conditions, or privacy policies below may will result in the termination of the user’s account.

Account Terms

* The user is responsible for maintaining the security of their account, username and password. DYW cannot and will not be held liable for any loss or damage from the user's failure to comply with this obligation.
* The user is responsible for all activity that occurs within their account (even if the activity is done by someone else with an account through the users sign in information).
* The user may not use the service for any illegal purposes or to violate any laws in the user's jurisdiction (including, but not limited to copyright laws).
* The user must provide their legal name, a valid email address and any other information that is requested in order to complete the sign-in procedure.
* The user's login may only be used by one person - a single login shared by multiple users is not permitted.
* The user may create as many separate logins for as many people as they like.
* The user must be human. Accounts registered by “bots” or other automated methods are not permitted.

Cancellation and Termination

* The user is responsible for properly cancelling the account by contacting us. The Audience Specific Content will no longer be accessible to the user immediately after cancellation. The Audience Specific Content cannot be shared outside of DYW, especially when a user has cancelled their account.
* DYW has the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account and refuse any or all current or future use for any reason at any time. Such termination will result in the deletion of the user’s account. DYW reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

Copyright and Content Ownership

* All Audience-Specific Content is owned by the publisher and is thereby copyright by DYW.
* The duplication, copying, or reuse of any portion of the Audience-Specific Content without written permission from DYW will result in legal action.

General Conditions

* The user understands that they are agreeing to both, the terms and conditions of DYW, as well as the third-party app should they use the third-party app to sign up and/or sign in.
* The user will not modify, adapt or hack DYW.
* The user will not modify any other website or app to falsely imply that it is associated and/or affiliated with DYW.
* The user agrees not to duplicate, copy, sell, resell, reproduce or exploit any Audience-Specific Content, the application through DYW, or the use of DYW without written consent by DYW.
* DYW may, but has no obligation to, remove accounts that are determined by sole discretion to be unlawful or violates the Terms and Conditions stated in this document.
* Verbal, emotional, written or other abuse (including threats or retribution) is not permitted by DYW and will result in the immediate deletion of the user’s account.

Privacy Policy

DYW may collect, use, store or disclose Personal Information subject to PIPEDA and CASL for the following purposes:
* To comply with laws, regulations, or other legal processes or investigations, and to protect DYW, other individuals, or property or content from harm.
* To provide analytics to DYW in the form of who has viewed what content and a given percentage of the users that have viewed Audience-Specific Content.


* User agrees to provide an email, username and password in order to have access to Audience-Specific Content of the company’s choosing.
* Whether user signs in using the above information or Google or Facebook or Twitter, DYW cannot access Personal Information or use data without direct consent from the user and providing the user with access to information about how and where data will be used.
* User agrees to not use Audience-Specific Content that is viewable by them, outside of DYW.
* At any time and without penalty, a user can withdraw their consent to the continued use or disclose of their Personal Information by closing their DYW account, however, all Audience-Specific Content will remain as non-shareable even after user has closed their account; should Audience-Specific Content be shared outside of DYW, legal action will ensue.

Any changes made to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies mentioned above are constituted to change without notice, however, any changes made will result in the agreement being re-signed by the user. By logging into DYW, whether it be by email and password, or another third-party sign in feature, you automatically agree to the terms of service, as well as the privacy policy stated above.